Nattanon Attakitmongkol


Nationality Thai

Profile Nattanon Attakitmongkol or Kru Ken graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Mahidol University. During his high school years, he was received a youth exchange scholarship and went to South Africa as an exchange student and achieved a high school diploma there. He then pursued his undergraduate study in the field of pure mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics and a little of actuarial mathematics. He had done the project to apply Physics (Quantum scattering). Teacher Ken has experienced in private maths tutoring and teaching assistance with proficient teaching skills; simplify complex concepts, adaptive and creative teaching techniques, and always inspire and encourage learners.

Quote There’s a will, there’s a way.

Teaching Subjects - GED Mathematics 
- SAT Mathematics 
- IGCSE/ A-LEVEL Mathematics 
- MUIC Mathematics 
- MUIDS, SPIP Mathematics 
- KMIIDS Mathematics 
- General Mathematics 
- General Science