Chanmongkol Charojana


Nationality Thai

Profile Chanmongkol Charojana, Kru Pao, was graduated from International Studies of ASEAN-China, the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasat University. He acquired the Second Class Honors and gained the award of extracurricular activities from his program and other activities from Thammasat University. Chanmongkol was assigned to be a student representative speaker in many academic events. Also, Kru Pao was selected to be the head of Master of Ceremony in many academic and recreational activities at university. He was very familiar with both formal and informal communications. He is not only good at English, but he is also skillful with other languages such as Chinese and Melayu.

Quote “The best alternative way of studying is to listen,to consider, to dare, and to experiment in/with practical surroundings.”

Teaching Subjects - GED Social Studies
- IELTS (Writing)