Kusuma Liangsermsuk


Nationality Thai

Profile Kru dew,Kusuma Liangsermsuk, gained Second Class Honor from  International Studies of ASEAN-China, the Faculty of  Liberal Arts, Thammasat University. She was selected to be  a vice president and a scholarship student since her freshman year.In 2018, she was a student representative  to be  the main speaker along with Finland’s diplomats for International Women’s day. Besides, she was only student sitting as judge along with 3 professors  for ASEAN-China speech Contest and Asean-China Quiz Competition. During her study life, she received many Certifications & Awards including Outstanding Contribution Student 2018, SDG 4 Good Education Award 2017 and Ourstanding Activity Performance 2017. 
 Before she becomes a full-time teacher at House of Griffin in2019, she was a private English tutor since 2015 for both Thai and International program students who aimed to improve their multi-English skills. Since 1st year of teaching, she realized that being an English teacher is her passionate job. She also has the know-how to make English easy and enjoyable for students to understand. As a teacher, she always throws herself into her work and  wholeheartedly helps students to pave the way for their desirable-end result.

Quote  Great teachers focus not on compliance, but on connections and relationships.

Teaching Subjects - GED social