House of Griffin has been established through the inspiration of the three academic members recognized as the decades English tutorial gurus; two of them have had high experience in intensive tutorial and are the forecasters of several subjects, whether they are General Educational Development: GED; General Certificate of Secondary Education: GCSE; Scholastic Assessment Test: SAT; CU-TEP examination for applying to MS Finance Program; CU-AAT; TU-GET; TOEF MUIC.

They are also the consultants for students who have the study plan to reach their goal; acceptance in the higher universities of their choice, which is our institute’s objective; guiding our students to their brighter future.

House of Griffin

House” means the institute is a second home of the students where they could spend maximum time revising the lessons and under the supervision of our team to conveniently prepare themselves to be ready for all academic examinations.

Griffin” is a mythological animal highly venerated in the seventh century (before Christ), with head and wings of an eagle and body like a lion who was the guard of gold in Northern Europe and is the logo and symbol of our institute, as our students “The Guardian of Knowledge”.


House of Griffin is the leading edge English tutorial school to prepare the students who have completed the levels CGED/GCSE and have other relevant grades in TU-GET, CU-TEP, CU-AAT, CU-ATS, TOEFL MUIC and wish to be accepted into their specific international programs in universities, both in Thailand and overseas. Our academic team is specialized in teaching to ensure our students can achieve extraordinary results in their examinations.

Nuttiya & Tina

Nuttiya & Tina

อ่านบทสัมภาษณ์อาจารย์ทิน่า พานิชกุล (Director of Studies) ในเว็บ คลิกที่นี่

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